Tony Zhu

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I am the sixth generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage practitioner. I was introduced to the theory and practice of Yang Tai Chi Chuan in 1986 by my uncle Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu. Ever since then I have been an active Yang Style Tai Chi practitioner.

Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu is the founder of the Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation in Greater Boston, established in 1969. Gin Soon Chu is the student of the world famous Grandmaster Yeung Sau Chung, the eldest son of Yeung Cheng Fu.

Now you have a chance to learn one of the most popular Tai Chi Chuan at the convenience and comfort of your own home. Please contact us with your interest in private and small group lessons by emailing or calling us.


With more than 30 years of diligent practice and learning under the supervision of Grandmaster Gin Son Chu and his son, Vincent Chu, Tony has mastered the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Since 1996, Tony is an assistant instructor at the headquarter of the Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation. In 2000, Tony travelled with Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu and his son to give seminars on Tai Chi Chuan in Europe.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan System

Solo Forms

In the Solo Forms, there are the 85 Movements Solo Form which is divided into small, medium and large frames; the 108 Movements Solo Form; the Long Form also known as Tai Chi Chung Chuan; the Fast Form; the 13 Animals Form or 13 Postures,the 2-Person Sparring Set, and vary short forms for beginner.

Weapons forms

In the Weapons Forms, there are the Staff Form; the Knife Form; the Sword Form,etc.

Power Development Exercises

In the Power Development Exercises, also known as Qigong, there is the Wu Chi Posture, Tai Chi Chuan Qigong and others.


James Lam

Tai Chi is the perfect mind, body, and spirit exercise. That is why it is called "meditation in motion." Tony has a unique ability to teach authentic tai chi in an accessible way. I would highly recommend Tony to people of all ages and fitness levels interested in trying this ancient Chinese martial art. It may become a lifetime passion.

Tere Ramos

Tony is a magnificent Tai Chi Teacher, and I have both enjoyed and benefitted from his teaching. He is a very patient teacher, and this clear instruction style makes it easy to learn Tai Chi. He has encouraged me to be more mindful of my exercise routine and as a result I have been healthier. I recommend him highly to anyone from beginners to experienced Tai Chi practitioners that want a mentor.